Are you a falcon, a storm, or a great song?

Happy birthday Rainer Maria Rilke! Among the crystal cold awakenings we experience during the birth of winter in this month of December, I love to think about Rilke’s clarity of thought in lines like this one: “I circle around God, around the primordial tower. I’ve been circling for thousands of years and I still don’t know: am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song.” I’ve pondered this line more than once before, and was even asked by one of my teachers which one I would choose. How about you? Are you a falcon, a storm, or a great song? The adventure I take with this “Saint of Centers” in my book “Camino Divina”, is one of well, centering- “into the heart of things”. I invite you to come along. Enjoy!

The encaustic painting featured today is by Caterina Martinico, an artist featured on Etsy.

1 thought on “Are you a falcon, a storm, or a great song?

  1. Good question. All of these have their merit. I’m going to ride on the skirts of breaking the rules and say I am all of these and none of these, depending on the day…but now I’ll go to your book and if need be I’ll adjust this comment. Oh, and I can’t see an encaustic painting by the artist you mention, did you have to take it down? I looked her up and so glad I did! As always G, thank you for sharing a bit of your soul with me through this blog 🙂 ~SisTer

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