I am a poet living on Whidbey Island, WA with my work published in Dos Passos Review, Pilgrimage, The Other Side, Language and Culture, and Relief Journal, among others. I am currently training as a spiritual director through the Stillpoint program in Abiquiu, New Mexico, and have taught in the public school classroom and Waldorf education combined for over a decade. Besides writing and spiritual direction, my passions include leading groups through alternative artistic spiritual experiences, creating guided spiritual meditations through the book of nature, and re-imagining mentorship opportunities through celebratory rites of passage.


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Gina, thanks for commenting on my blog or I might never have come across your lovely site. I have 2 young boys myself but many friends with girls. I’m sure I will enjoy reading your thoughts and sharing them with my friends too. Maria xx

    • Thank you, Maria. I actually have a boy, too. He’s a bit shyer than my girl about things like “rites of passage”, but we’ve had some smaller, beautiful opportunities for him to experience this type of event that I’ll post later on the blog. Thanks for your encouragement, And thanks for sharing! Warmth and gratitude, Gina

  2. I love the idea behind your blog! Also have to say, I’ve been to the San Juan’s (we have friends there). You live in a very special place.

    • How fun that you’ve been to the San Juan’s! I’ve not yet been to your neck of the woods, but it sure looks beautiful, and you describe and photograph it in such a way that it begs people like me to visit it someday. With gratitude, Gina

    • Haha- that’s funny . . . yep, I know. But who knows? Maybe that about will become “southern California” with a touch of Whidbey . . . wouldn’t that be amazing?? Love ya!

  3. Adding my thank you for visiting the blog. Yours looks like it’s right up my alley! (Be sure to look out for my new Web site in a few days. I’ll link to it on my blog.)

  4. Glad you enjoyed my International Women’s Day posting – I have two boys, and now an grandson – it’s hard to imagine having a girl child. I wrote a poem once called Things my daughter taught me – dreaming of possibilities, I guess. I think it was Carol Gilligan who said that girls are fully themselves by the time they’re twelve – then adolescence blows it all apart and it can take them years to get themselves back again. Good luck maintaining a bridge across those years.

    • Thank you so much, Sheila . . . great wisdom in what Carol Gilligan had to say! I appreciate the good luck . . . I have a boy, too. They are beautiful conundrums themselves . . . stretch us in ways we would have never imagined, but I guess some of us need the stretching! Thanks again for stopping by, Gina

  5. Hi Gina! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogsphere. It’s been a privilege as it’s enabled me to discover your beautiful vision, heart and wisdom in blog form! I think you have a very blessed daughter (sounds like Ginny is lovely too!). Signing off from a very different WA (Western Australia!) x

    • Thanks so much! I so enjoyed reading your comment, and read it to my daughter, Ginny, as well. Thank you for checking it out and checking in from the other WA (I’ve been to Perth before, and an absolutely beautiful WA it is!!)

  6. Ooooo, your work sounds very intriguing and wonderful! Thank you for your kind comment on my post last night. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. It’s a wonderful world venturing into the care, feeding, and mentoring of teenagers! I really enjoyed the writing on yours as well. You definitely have the gift! Warmly, Gina

  7. Hi Gina, thanks for stopping by my blog. I share your interest in spirituality and ‘rites.’ Best wishes, Marie

    • Thank you so much! Great to hear from you, too! It would be wonderful to continue to connect. I look forward to wandering into your site more, too! Warmly, Gina

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