A Rite of Passage of My Own

Photo on 2013-04-21 at 17.12 #2

I’m feeling the anticipation of crossing a midlife threshold. THE midlife threshold. I’m sure in my hopscotch days I imagined this birth year moment to be gilded with starched antique lace, and celebrated with hands that pass around ribbons of candy that stick together, petrified, at the bottom of a glass bowl. 50? That’s sooo old. I know  back then since I even considered 40 nigh to the grave, 50 was for sure beyond the pale.

But here I am. And glad of it! Really. I’ve anticipated this moment for years. Because it’s now time for my rite of passage. The threshold events that I’ve lovingly crafted for the adolescent and the young adult will finally be pivoted in my direction. I’m ready to metaphor and simile my soul into some turning-the-corner memories that hopefully will loving me launch me into elderhood. No, really, it’s a positive thing!

Won’t you come along with me?

7 thoughts on “A Rite of Passage of My Own

  1. So funny, Gina, we had similar thoughts, as I still recall thinking, I’d guess when I was about 8 years old, pondering the idea of turning 40 and that I would be so-o-o-o-o old. I imagined though, because it would be the year 2000 (now come and gone, and barely visible from 15 years beyond), that we’d be traveling by Jetson-like cars or personal travel jet packs, going to and fro across the face of the universe. That was the only amusing disappointment at 40’s celebration, that we’re still in gas guzzling cars and NO jet packs. I’m 5 years past milestone 50, and still happy to when I arrive at a new year’s marker, still given another year to work through my personal lessons in life.

    • Thanks, T. Beautifully put. Yep, no jet packs (darn), but I didn’t expect cell phones or Skype back in the day! (wished for it though). And here they are. And here we are! Glad to be wading through the 50s with friends like you!

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