Timeless in Ordinary Time


Many Native Americans call those things that are nourishing, healing, and wisdom-giving, available to us in the natural world “medicine”. I like this way of seeing because that implies that a spoonful of cure, a helping of wisdom and encouragement is always around us.

I went for a walk early this afternoon, watching the maple leaves whirling down from their attachments, glowing with autumn sun, and thought, “medicine”. Detaching and surrendering into the free fall, the provision of sun and sky, the knowledge of ground warm and certain beneath, and even playing as you go is indeed medicine.

I noticed the reemergence of blackberries as I continued to walk. A lovely surprise after seeing them dry up and wither at summer’s end, just a few weeks ago. Medicine. The surprise re-gathering of our own juices to produce fruit after a time of dormancy gives me hope.

By the end of my walk, the sun was back in full swing, after a morning of chill and heavy grey clouds. This, too, was an elixir. Not only for my body, but for my soul, during this “ordinary time”. The idea that change is always constant- a grey sky gives birth to a sunny day, and a sunny day can curl up under the cover of clouds- can be encouraging when things aren’t going as we would like them to go. At these times, change can be a welcome friend.

What medicine can you find in your own path today?

5 thoughts on “Timeless in Ordinary Time

  1. I was bowled over with delight when the truth of the image at the top of this blog finally came in to focus…er, um, or perhaps out of the abstraction in which my mind had mistakenly taken it. I was looking and looking, thinking it what a cool photo, of hmmm, tiles, no an outdoor painting on cement, hmmm, not sure, but I saw sand that had blown over this something. As I was trying to figure out the something, I laughed our loud with delight at how all at once, just as you described the triumph of sun over grey cloud cover, the leaves with sky peering through them came into clear view. I laughed again at how often we think we see or understand something that we come upon on in our life paths, and we are so sure it is what we see. Then poof! Truth steps in and adjusts the viewer or shifts the light and like magic the “ah-hah” is summoned from our lips and we what “it” really is. I probably would have seen it directly if I had my reading glasses on…c’est la vie! ~Teresa

    • What a great comment, T!! That’s awesome. Glad you had that insight (I didn’t realize the picture was a tricky one, but I’m glad it provided with you with that little “visionary” exercise!) Thanks again for reading it!!

      • The photo was not a tricky one, I just didn’t have a clear bead on it – no readers (glasses). Now no matter how hard I try to see the abstraction I can only see the leaves and sky, with or without my readers. It is similar to the understanding that once truth is made apparent to a person, there is no returning to the previous state of ignorance. Even if one attempts to return to a state of ignorance, denial is the closest place the walk backward will take you.

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