White Owl: a poetic song of thresholds


I sit here in northern New Mexico, while standing on the lip of the end of the month of April, experiencing with you this month’s poetry of the human story, both tragic and triumphant. I reflect on these things while in this great land of red clay and shadow because I, myself have just crossed a threshold. The two year journey of my formal spiritual director’s training has come to an end, and I find myself joined into the larger journey of providing rich opportunities for the safe and the sacred- lovingly held spaces for people to mine the gems of their own souls. The threshold of new vocation or pathway is also a sacred “rite of passage”.  I’d like to share with you a portion of the lyrics from a Josh Garrells song, entitled “White Owl.” It is a song (and a poem) that has became dear to me as I have gingerly tiptoed across the many changes occurring presently in my own life.  Enjoy and dip into the imagination of the colors of this song and your own current threshold; “take the flame tonight.” For an even richer experience, check out the video as well:

White Owl
When the night comes,
and you don’t know which way to go
Through the shadowlands,
and forgotten paths,
you will find a road

Like an owl you must fly by moonlight with an open eye,
And use your instinct as a guide, to navigate the ways that lay before you,
You were born to, take the greatest flight

Like a serpent and a dove, you will have wisdom born of love
To carry visions from above into the places no man dares to follow
Every hollow in the dark of night
Waiting for the light
Take the flame tonight

Child the time has come for you to go
You will never be alone
Every dream that you have been shown
Will be like living stone
Building you into a home
A shelter from the storm

Like a messenger of peace, the beauty waits be released
Upon the sacred path you keep, leading deeper into the unveiling
As your sailing, across the great divide . . .

Be wrapped in the warmth of love and peace . . . .

7 thoughts on “White Owl: a poetic song of thresholds

  1. The journey.. beautifully potraited.. thank you for sharing, never heard of this band before but this is a song i’m gonna listen to more often, especially in combination with this amazing videoclip!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Peter! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes- this artist has some beautiful stuff. I recommend the song “Jacaranda” as well. May beauty dot your journey generously!

    • Thank you, Vicky. And it’s great for me to know that out there are others like you who are intentionally making that journey. Much gratitude. Gina

  2. Oh my, presented in the best of both my favorite perceiving modes:)
    Music with pictures! And a new artist to learn about. Rich lyrics.

    • Thanks, T! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m digging his music of late . . . always great to “hear” your voice whether online or in person!! Much love, Gina

      • The feeling is mutual. I look forward to clicking on “mail” and finding a new “Gina” treat to place in my soul for rumination. 🙂

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